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San Diego Tango Calendar

About the San Diego Tango Calendar

This website is a one stop resource for information about Argentine Tango events and classes in San Diego, kept up to date through community contributions.

The information in the calendars comes from the local organizers/teachers that update thier own events, and from posts to the San Diego Tango facebook group.

The calendars cover the Greater San Diego Area, roughly the area from Rosarito to Tecate in Mexico to Camp Pendleton in the north. We don't include classes in Mexico.

Local Organizers/Teachers are encouraged to request access to the Google calendars so they can maintain their own events. See the Contact Page

Why not TangoSanDiego.com or TangoMango?

TangoSanDiego.com gives a list of milongas in town split into several parts (weekly, monthly, nuevo, etc), and was made in a way as to require few updates. I feel the format makes it difficult to figure what events are on any specific day, especially in the future. This can be a problem for people visiting San Diego for a specific time period

TangoMango.org, is OK, but is not San Diego specific and google's technology used on this site is better.

Who is behind this site?
Brick Robbins, who also is the admin of the San Diego Tango facebook group created this site. He does it to help our community thrive. He gets no financial gain from this site. It costs money to maintain (server rental, domain names, etc). If you feel like you benefited from this project you can Chip In to help cover the expences.